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Garfield's Funeral Garfield's Funeral

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Alright, this animation. Your animating skill itself is well done, or at least good. Honestly, it doesn't have to be amazing for me, what matters is story, quality, content, as long as the animation is nice, it's good. Might have been a bit confusing with the words there... but your animation, is above average. Good. Your voice acting isn't too clear, but it's passable, certainly not bad. The jokes, story, the thing that supposed to draw us in- is not really present. Garfield is dead. His owner John is like "Eh... meh. He was okay I guess. Meh." The kitten, annoying like usual, and well.. there really isn't much of a joke. Not distasteful or stupid or anything of the sort, just empty. It's overall just meh, the animation, voice acting, humor, story, lines- it is all extremely MEH. And you know what? That's what makes the animation even more than just an extremely average cartoon. Because Garfield itself, is the definition of meh. Even a serious and somber event like a funeral isn't tear-wrenching, or hilarious. It's just meh. Meh is what makes Garfield, averageness. This is thus, the perfect example of Garfield in how average it is. Which actually makes the message of it more than average. It's good. If this was impressive, then why would it really be Garfield? Good job sir, you made me think about my review.

ibz10g responds:

Wow, you summed it up way better than I could have. Sure, the humor could have been extravagant and off the wall, but that isn't really what Garfield is about. Congratulations, you get the best review.

Killing Floor Sticks Killing Floor Sticks

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fantastic, simply fluid. The animation is impeccable, Jomm, I can't even guess how much time this took. I see none of these horridly effective specimens missing, and their parts are played very well, very true to their actual gameplay.

The clot is there obviously, the crawler and gorefast, stalker and bloat; I felt the siren played a minor appearance, however the husk and scrake were surely brought out in numbers near the end. The fleshpound could have been a bit more of a challenge, he felt more on par with the other specimens by the amount your survivor was able to kill off.

And Clamely, The Patriarch? Well, he was done very well. You used exactly the right audio files, his character was right there; the decay, the association with his specimens, his... not sure exactly how to say it. He was perfect. However, when your squad member finally went in for the kill, I feel it could have been slightly prolonged. Perhaps a few extra lunges after he carved out his chest, or something. Well, the combat was fantastic. Fluid, clear and effective sound, the siren was irritating (But that's the siren, no matter what happens), explosions, the hostile's sounds...

And your animation was great, did I mention that? Quick, yet full of detail- not detail as in face and background, but in the amount of things happening, the many various instants of action that you could manage to watch without missing anything.

And the ending? Hilarious. Loads a monay~ A little bit more effort could have been put into making those look like dollar bills, or stacks, but still extremely good. But one thing I felt could have been added, only one thing missing. The other members of the squad hiding in the weapons shop, or a closet, playing cards or just twiddling their thumbs. Would have been funny, but it not being there isn't detrimental to the score. Perfect for me.

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Jomm responds:

Oh man such a long review, I love it! Thanks a bunch for the kind works, they really make me feel good about this animation haha. NORMALLY this would have taken me much longer but since the competition due date was coming up and I procrastinated way too much, I animated this entire thing in 2 weeks exactly e_e I agree with a lot of the things you said too, like the fleshpound could have lasted longer with more struggle and the Patriarch battle should have had more choreography to it. The main reason those two weren't as good as I could have made them is because I took the extra step to giving each of those stick figures about 5 - 8 layers to make the visual appearance of the weapons attached to their arm looking like they had width~ I really wish I had more time I would totally have prolonged the fights for those ):

And yeah I wanted it to be a full 6 squad member fight and the trader to have an appearance but again, due dates~ Thanks a lot for the great review! I really enjoy animating the smallest details of movement since I don't often get to see other stick animators do it.

<: again thanks.

LL - Mettaur's Defense LL - Mettaur's Defense

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yeah, guess who came back from the grave? MettaurLock. Not stirring up trouble this time, just contributing what I can. Still bright eyed, although Mettaurs have no tails, we are robotic. Not robot animals either, like that ridiculous Eggman makes. Although in a less literal sense, bushy tailed, yes. Real excited to be back, and I'm somewhat good with drawing, and writing. So I'm giving what I can. That good?

Also, yes, I'm free. Thanks for letting me back. And the voice from ClockLock did hurt my ears somewhat. Now go check those black and white drawings I made!

uglyslug responds:


Lawn Mower Madness Lawn Mower Madness

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Satisfying, Funny, Cue Applause~

I don't give 10/10 unless it's a real, you know, piece of art. But this is really good. Animation is smooth, sound is in sync, it's the classic escape/chase but with it's own original tricks. After all, I don't think anyone expected him to throw the...I'll keep it a surprise.

And the end I was expecting the 'ole "Badass Getaway!", but that was rather funny, and I've never seen it before in a Madness flash like this. I applaud you, keep making good stuff, unless you were making this while in that prison. In which case..I'll stop talking now and keep this review a review.

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Madness Edification Madness Edification

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Thinking Material, Nice.

I like the message here, in what is usually a celebration of the action and violence in animation I love, this I also appreciate. While not in the exact confines of Madness, this speaks well. About humanity, purpose, love, and war. Nearing the ending, it's a little cheesy with an overused joke about an overused ending, but it's not that bad. I think this is yet even more proof to pile on the mountain of flashes, don't judge a whole crew by a few rotten eggs. Or Thors, or whichever user it is that posts those things.

But I'm not sure if Flash Animation counts as useful..well, you've brought a smile to this face, thanks.

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RadioTubeClock responds:

Thanks for the review! I wanted to make something that stood out from a lot of the other very similar madness day flashes and I would say this definitely worked.

CraftMine CraftMine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You know, you could always use shears..

Yeah, I think Notch released an animal loving update, you can now do things to get the stuff from the animals, without hurting them. Like milking cows doesn't do damage anymore, and two metal pieces shears sheep peacefully and maximum wool.

Or you can go with still beating it up, that block?

But sweet, clean animation, good voice quality, it just needs more content. Maybe make a follow up? Have the sheep take revenge? You got something good here, expand on it!

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EVolution ep2 EVolution ep2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey Evan, Great Work.

It's an amusing perspective on the future, the primitive girl who doesn't understand science, a tech dude who just can't face facts and apparently is a real "dude" (Example of such: Haha, they look like little people but if little people were monkeys. OR the fact that he eats something he doesn't even know, but vaguely looks like a hotdog. Actually, I think it is one, a lab grown pig shaped as food. Nice.) Oh, and the "alien" who wanted them for company but is realizing they're a annoying handful. This is going to be funny.

And how would it be complete without a prejudiced boss? All humans look alike, so now he's ragging on the aliens. Seriously man, nice work, and take your time with the next. You said you make them because you like to, so take your time. That's what makes good animation.

But I probably shouldn't babble, just want to say you're doing a great job so far. I was attracted to this by the animation "Beauty Is Humanity", also good.

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Drunk Science Drunk Science

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Drunk Science.

It's the best kind.

Funny, random, and the ending really cracked me up. The penguin was imitating him when he raised his paws in anger, how cute. It probably got smashed minutes later. But yeah, really good. Did anyone notice when he tripped over the hobo, he lost his marbles?

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LL:Everyone Loves Commie LL:Everyone Loves Commie

Rated 2 / 5 stars

ML Here. And I just want to say..


Um, yeah, that was something falling on my foot. This is more of the thing that hurts mentally. better voices? Or at least making them consistent?

See? Member of the Locks or not, I'm an equal opportunity Blammer!

Rn86 responds:

this review mentally hurts me
you don't get it, do you

Sonic Dash - Opening Sonic Dash - Opening

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The only thing I hate more than shoddy remakes...

Are the shoddy Sonic remakes with author inserts, and inserting their friends and such as other characters. I got nothing against Sonic considering this, god knows Sega doesn't sponsor all the fan fictions made on the Blue Blur, but this is promising to hurt.

Music is irritating, recolors, and absolutely nothing is revealed in this "Prologue".

I'm sick of all these recolor remakes. Makes me sad.

Juuniji009 responds:

Understandable. thanks for the review, always good to get pointers you know.